Gone Fishing in Modelář Extra Edition!

smod.jpgA while back when I had finished up my 1/35 Scale Hovertruck Diorama titled Gone Fishing, I posted it at a number of forums. The editor of the fantastic Czech language military modeling magazine Modelář loved it and asked me to write an article on the build-up. I don’t write or speak Czech, but that was no problem. I wrote the article in English and they did the translations. I might have overdid it with the article being 11 pages in Word, and I’m sure they had a “fun” time translating all of that, but it was a huge project and they wanted every detail described. It appeared in the current “Extra” issue of the magazine and is available now.

I don’t have the issue yet, but they sent me pics of the article to post provided I shrink them enough to be illegible. Modelář is a well known mag in the military modeling world and is full of fantastic build-ups. There’s not any sci-fi in it so the editor wanted to print my work to show how the same techniques one would use on armor and aircraft can be used to do something different. Here’s the shots of the article:

40kopie.jpg41 kopie.jpg
42 kopie.jpg43 kopie.jpg
44 kopie.jpg45 kopie.jpg
46 kopie.jpg47 kopie.jpg
48 kopie.jpg49 kopie.jpg
50 kopie.jpg51 kopie.jpg
52 kopie.jpg53ok.jpg
54 kopie.jpg55ok.jpg

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