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June 08, 2008, 10:35:12 PM
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I've done like a trillion gunpla and never post them here, so here goes. I just finished this. To start, I doubt many of you have played the Saturn Blue Destiny games. This is Yu Kajima's GM Command made for a diorama where he's fighting the BD-1 as seen in the games. The reason it's a Space Type is that that's what he pilots in the games--in the manga, they changed it to some random variant that was the artist's interpretation of a standard GM, and I like the games a lot more than the manga anyway. Anyway, I never ended up buying the BD-1, so it's standalone for now, but I might. The thing with the ankles and feet and whatnot is that it's supposed to look like it was fighting on the ground for a long time, after a long and drawn-out battle with BD-1; that involves mud, sand, etc, and it looks stupid to see mud splashed up to the neck of a twenty meter robot. The landscape is more barren and muddy and dead than all grassy, but this was the only real bsae I had made at the moment lol, it's just an action base with crap on it. Anyway, I really like how this came out. Entirely handbrushed, although I did buy an airbrush a couple days ago... it's just been too damn hot and humid to use it. Anyway, enjoy.

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