Author Topic: MG RGM Spartan Desert-type  (Read 2361 times)

July 29, 2008, 03:40:36 PM
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Hi all,

This is the RGM-Spartan conversion kit from akohobby, painted in custom desert color scheme.  I actually wanted to make a more detailed camo but I don't yet have the skills for it so the results speak for themselves.  I also tried an oil weathering around the edges but they came out very faint.  Lessons for the future, I guess.

Anyway here are the list of all the mods:
1. Akohobby conversion kit to the stock MG RGM Space Type.
2. Modded the knee with parts from Tamiya 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldog tank
3. Added reactive armor parts on chest, shin guard, and shoulder armor
4. Added rifle from MG Gelgoog (Anavel Gato version)
5. Added shield from MG RX-79G Gundam ground type
6. Added the bazooka and plug knife from HG Evangelion Test Type
7. modded left hip armor to include 1 more grenade rack.
8. Added bazooka rack and knife sheathe on torso.
9. Added Xyberdecal custom decals from Akohobby on chest and left shoulder.

This finalized version is not what I originally had in my mind, but I am not unhappy with the results.  I consider this a learning exercise and I hope to do better camo work in the future.

Here are the pics:

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