Author Topic: MG Strike Noir (VP Conversion) + I.W.S.P.  (Read 2871 times)

August 25, 2008, 04:55:51 PM
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Hi all,

Here's my newest work, the MG Strike Noir (VP Conversion) + I.W.S.P.  (don't ask me what IWSP stands for, I've no idea  :D )

The colorway is pretty much straight from VP website.  Like the VP kit I used two tones of light grey, but it doesn't show well in the photo.  I used similar feeling for the IWSP backpack, the shield, and the rifle.  The decals are mostly from VP waterslides, with some additions from Bandai's official Strike Noir waterslides, and I also used a few white warning decals (on the rifle, knee etc.) from mechaskunk.

On hindsight I am satisfied with my work, but I wonder if I could've used a non-Strike Noir colorway.  I really thought about it for several weeks prior to starting this work, but I couldn't think of any that satisfied me.  I honestly believe that black and light grey go perfectly with the head and faceplate.  But its a shame, as I enjoy custom colorways, but oh well the final work looks nice on my desktop :)

Anyway, that's the end of my rant.  Enjoy the work :)
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